Friday, January 1, 2010

Mt. Major 1/1/2010

Difficulty: Moderate (steep and rough especially on ledges)

Directions: From Alton, NH take Rt. 11 West and follow it for about 6 miles. Trail head parking lot is on the left (blue sign)
Report: My mom left me a message on my phone New Years Eve night that she was hiking Mt. Major (Alton, NH) in the morning. I was game, and was up on time to meet her at 10:00am. The lot was surprisingly 1/2 full. Despite this we saw only a couple people on the trails. The skies were overcast and there were snow flurries falling the entire time. Temps. remained in the low 30's. The summit ledges had a sheet of soft ice under the snow, so I took out the stabalizers for us to use. They worked perfectly, mom was impressed with how well they worked. Made the summit with ice covered trees posing for pics and only about a 200 ft. visibility on the summit areas. Thought I would entertain you all this year with my Sponge Bob, and brought a SB foam cube (got a pic on trail & at summit ). We made our usual loop down the Brook trail and got back down our usual time. Total trip time 1hr. 45min. HAPPY NEW YEAR

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