Friday, October 15, 2010

Cooper Cedar Woods & Coldrain Pond 10/14/10

"A Pond Hopping and Bush Whacking Thursday Afternoon"

"Cooper Cedar Woods" (pictures)
This small parcel of woods is right off Rt. 11 in New Durham, just South of the Johnson's Restaurant 4-way. It is owned by the SPNHF. The trail is roughly a 1/2 mile loop through the woods, over a small hill and along the property line. Total time it took me to complete the loop: 20 minutes. Trail is easy to followed and marked in various sections. Two spots to note: If going counter clockwise (the direction I did) on the far end of the hill there are "private property" signs. The trail bears left down the hill. And at one point after this the trail forks. You can go straight, or follow the left side which just brings you 30 ft. or so to the property line (marked with red "triple" blazes on the trees) then loops back up to the main trail.

"Coldrain Pond" (pictures)
This walk begins on Brackett Road in New Durham. I'll have to look into it but, it is owned by the NH Fish and Game, but there are also SPNHF signs, so possibly they have an easement or abutment to the property? You follow a logging road (keeping straight), I do not know where the other roads lead...yet! The road ends and on the left a path leads to the river bank. The banking is lined with dozens of canoe's. I bushwacked around the pond to a nice vantage point for a panoramic picture. Time to the pond shore: 7 minutes, 1/4 mile. I met a fisherman on my way out who said he's not seen anyone down here for months. He said this pond is excellent trout fishing. He was very nice, even pointed me to another area (Jones Pond) that he said I would like!

"Ponds in the area" (pictures)
Before and after my visits to the above areas, I checked out some local ponds to catch the foliage before the rain and wind storm coming for Friday wiped the color out. There were beautiful reflections at Reservoir Road Pond in Farmington.

Wonderful color and a nice view of Mt. Blue Job at Oxbow Pond off Meaderboro Road in Farmington. I even spotted someone on the Baldy Knob! I bushwacked around the pond shore which is all up for sale. I really hope it's not developed, it's a beautiful spot and great Blue Job vantage point.

And finally more wonderful color and reflections at Club Pond off Bay Road in New Durham

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