Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stonehouse Pond 11/20/10

"Photography in Stone" (pictures)

YES, I was back at Stonehouse Pond AGAIN! I can't help it, I love it there! Actually I had met a fellow photographer on Flickr who lives in Farmington. He'd not been to this Pond before so we planned on meeting up Saturday morning to shoot some photo's. The road is now gated so we had to walk down to the trail start. One other guy was down here also taking some photo's. We made the loop Clockwise, taking our time talking and snapping some pictures. At the top of the ledge we spent some time up here taking in the view and more pictures. Two crows across the pond were making a lot of noise chasing off a hawk, otherwise it was very quite, a slight breeze and sunny. We slowly made our way down the other side stopping here and there including a short whack to the beaver homes on the West side of the pond. Then back to the road. It was here I noticed an unusual orange colored pine tree. A closer look and the outer bark had been stripped top to bottom, the entire tree. It was very odd and unusual. We both agreed it had to be a wood pecker, but we still weren't sure. The bark pieces were in a pile at the bottom in 4 inch length pieces. Strange!

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