Thursday, November 11, 2010

Abenaki Tower 11/7/10

"A Quicky Side Trip"

On our way back from Castle in the Clouds I stopped at a sign I had seen earlier off Rt. 109 for Abenaki Tower. I was curious and had to check it out! A short, easy walk up a gated logging road brings you to a small clearing where a observation tower stands. The tower itself is in really good condition, just covered in graffitti, apparently a popular hang out spot! The view is pretty good across to Lake Winnipesaukee and over to Castle in the Clouds. A neat
little spot that I had passed many times and never new of it's existence!

The plaque on the entrance sign reads: "This tower is maintained voluntarily by local residents who desire to share it's view and beauty with friends and visitors ...... Abenaki Tower Association, Melvin Village, NH 03850.

According to it was built around 1929 and rebuilt 1979.
It's original use was to spot aircraft during World War II and was occasional used as a fire tower. Now it serves as an observation tower for any who wish to visit.


  1. It's original use was (and still is) to enjoy the view of the lake. It was never used as a fire tower or to spot aircraft.