Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rollins Rhyme (Whiteface/Passaconaway 2/20/10 TR)

This would be a lucky, ducky day;
My brother thought all night of his friends foolish way;
Foolish to be climbing Mt. Washington in snow coulds of gray;
Forocious winds and 20 below windchills the report did say;

So a call I got at 7:30 in the morning;
My brother did call and ask if I was hiking;
Scott was sick and I would be home sulking;
But not now, we were soon off for some 4000 foot peak bagging;

We parked at Ferncroft at ten-o-eight and headed up Blueberry Ledge;
Sky's were mostly sunny, a snow packed trail we climbed the steep ridge;
Jeremy kept a quick pace, I kept the pics to a minimum which made me cringe;
We soon took off the heavy outer-gear as it was warm just a smidge;

Just below the ledges we met up with an older couple on the trail;
The very funny lady said to go ahead, that she "moved like a snail";
Over the steep ledges we went, making it to the false summit with a joyous wail;
It was 1pm so we ate our lunch and they did the same, the woman and male;

Tummy's full, pushing on to the true summit with excitment a-fluttered;
Down and up almost missing the cairn, with snow most of it was covered;
Now the dreaded Rollins Trail..."this trail will surely kill us", I muttered;
I thought of this long, annoying, PUD infested trail, ugh, I shuttered;

But much to my surprise it was packed pretty well;
So we charged down this ridge like two bats-out-of-hell;
A long hour and a half later, behind us this ridge fell;
My brother and I exhausted with signs of defeat did I smell;

But one last challenging push did we have to complete this story;
Long switchbacks and steep pitches, boy was this trail ornery;
Then finally reaching the top at three p.m, oh the exictement and glory!
And down to the view for one last look to the North, oh so stormy;

We hussled down now to reach the truck before we lost the light;
Passing the couple we had seen earlier drained like us of their might;
Sliding and scurrying we reached the end, timed just right;
5 pm, on the road we arrived, the sunset a warm, comforting sight.

Hike Overview:

Bagged my 26/48 4000 footer
Bagged my first 2 winter 4k's!

Total Time: 7 hours
Total Mileage: 11.5 miles
Total Elevation Gain: 4,450 ft.

Weather: Mostly Sunny Sky's, Clouding over around 2:30pm. Winds off and on in areas 20 mph. Temps ranged from low 40's at the base to low 30's/upper 20's on the summits. Trails well packed. Light traction required on the Whiteface ledges and Passaconaway. Another beautiful February day!

Pics of this hike HERE

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