Monday, November 15, 2010

Stonehouse Pond 11/14/10

"Again!?" (pictures)

Yes, again! Stonehouse Pond, such a beautiful pond loop. Another weekend of not getting up North to the White Mountains we did some window shopping in Portsmouth. Mainly a stop at EMS to get a new hiking long sleeve shirt and to stop at the various sports stores to look at snow shoes. I am NOT going another winter without them!! The plan was to find Adam's Point or some other conservation/forest area on Great Bay. But seeing how the coast was cloudy and much cooler than the inland I headed to Lee and up "Antique Alley". After stopping at our favorite antique/collectible store I headed for Stonehouse Pond.

We pulled onto Stonehouse Pond road which has a new street sign, so easier to spot for those who don't know where it is. There was one car in the lot, a man and son were just starting out the loop clockwise. We decided to go the opposite direction having carefully followed the not-so-visible trail on this side of the lake last time. This time however someone had marked the trail with orange tape, so following it was no problem this time around.

Once past some pretty and massive ledges we climbed to the top of the main ledge that overlooks the pond and area hills. Such a lovely spot. One could sit here all day and just take in the serenity. Coming back down the other steep side, careful not to slip down the banking on the leaves we passed the two we saw at the start. A quick hello and we continued on our way. This side follows the pond closely and the rock ledge, reflections and colors made for some very nice scenery and pictures. The small trip ended with the glimpse of fish (salmon or trout) gathered near the dam. Must have been recently stocked. That raps up another trip report on this little slice o heaven :)

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