Monday, March 1, 2010

Mt. Major 2/27/10

Difficulty: Moderate (steep and rough especially on ledges)

Directions: From Alton, NH take Rt. 11 West and follow it for about 6 miles. Trail head parking lot is on the left (blue sign)
Report: The heavy snow up North keeping me from hiking (no snow shoes) I stayed South and we did our usual up Mt. Major. Everything was covered and encased with snow, it was very pretty. The summit area was enveloped in fog which blended with the snow covered summit cone. Another mild day and always nice to spend some time with Mom! Also got to meet Art when we were descending. My mom always talks about seeing him on the trail. He is 70 (I think she said) and he hikes up and down the Major 2-4 times (back-to-back) everyday. A very pleasant, smart guy. Also talked to his friend who was asking about my White Mountain excursions. They mentioned two cat tracks down near the bottom of the trail and they were wondering if they might be Bobcat or Lynx tracks which certainly got my attention. I found them later on and based on the 1 inch length and checking my book back home it looks nothing more than a gray fox...oh, well.
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  1. that was a great hike like always. always enjoy being with my sons. It may seem like a small Mtn. to some but what a work out on a weekend morning. And the scenery is ever changing from week to week. This is my anniversary weekend of hiking Mt.Major every weekend from March 1 to March 1 no matter the weather of conditions. I did it! Snow, wind, icy rain, minus 10 and so forth. What a year it has been. Love it!