Thursday, July 26, 2012

Table Mt. 7/8/12

"Two Strikes, Table a Home Run!" (pictures)

Our White Mountain parking pass having been expired for a couple weeks now, we thought we would drive up to the Pinkham Notch Visitor Center and get a new pass. We were not sure what we wanted to hike yet and I was thinking Huntington Ravine. When we arrived the weather conditions were not what we had expected. It was cool and winds were strong. We really didn't have the proper gear for these conditions. After checking the conditions inside and getting our pass we sat in the truck mulling over what to do. I was rep-remanded for not being diligent as I used to be with this stuff. I used to have the hike all picked out the night before and the times all set, etc. I really have to get back on track with this, sitting around trying to figure out what to hike really kills the hiking mood!

At this point I set my sights for something on the easier side. We got turned back a couple years ago from a thunderstorm on Stairs Mt. so I thought we'd give that another try. We drove to Jericho Rd. and came to a gate. This was odd. Perhaps they closed the rest of the road to vehicles? There was but one car parked...this was odd too as there are a bunch of camping areas on Dry River trail. I spotted a sign on a tree and jumped out to read it. Turns out the Southern section of Dry River trail was closed from the Irene flooding. Well that figures, strike two. Guess we weren't meant to hike today!

Now what!? Again I opened my map and tried one last time to find a hike. I had eyed Table Mt. before off Bear Notch road and it was nearby. So we decided to make this our last attempt. We parked in the small parking area and began our hike. The trail was rather pleasant, making a gradual climb. We passed several boulders and an attractive cascade. I climbed down the steep banking to get some pictures.

The last half mile of this 2 mile hike began with switch backs and became steep with loose gravel and ledge. Views quickly opened up towards the Sandwich range. We found the summit area then headed back to the large ledge to have our lunch. The weather was fabulous and the view unique and wonderful. We looked directly South at Chocorua, Passaconaway was front and center with Square Ledge in view and the ridge that runs up that side of the mountain. Other mountains of note were Paugus, the Tripyramids, the Moat range and I think Crawford.

We didn't see any people until our hike down. It was a fabulous little hike with a great view for the minimum effort! If only this trail was accessible in the would be a great snow shoe hike!

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  1. Table Mountain is a great hike, and as you discovered, it provides awesome views for minimal effort. I've often had the same thoughts as you, i.e. wishing this trail was more "winter-friendly" since it would indeed make for a terrific snowshoe hike.

    Thanks for posting!