Monday, June 28, 2010

Algonquin Trail 6/26/10

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One of my favorite trails in the White's! Algonquin Trail is really beautiful! We planned this hike since there was a chance of an afternoon thunder shower and this trail was relatively close and the hike is on the shorter side, though very steep. And it is one of the quietest trails in the Sandwich Range.

We headed down the always interesting sandwich notch rd. We parked in one of the 3 parking spaces, empty as predicted and started our hike at 8:30am. I thought we would be dealing with bugs on this part of the trail, but was happy to only be swatting at an occasional mosquito. The trail is very gradual until you reach the small river and now climbs steeply up the bank. From here on the trail just gets steeper and steeper, getting a break on some open rock area looking up to Black Mountain and the Algonquin Ridge as I call it.

The climb around Black Mt. reminded me a little of the Ice Gulch, steep and rocky, covered with moss and lichen. We arrived at the first scramble and came out on the first view point just as an eagle floated past. Views were nice, though hazy and I am guessing partially due to the fires in Canada. We continued on back into the trees, up two other scrambles and back out into the open, views are stunning as always over to the rocky Welch Dickey Range, Acteon Ridge and Noon Peak. We made our way to the destination point a bit past the Black Mountain Pond Trail, up over a rock that overlooks Black Mt. Pond at 11:00am. Winds were comfortable and we had lunch and just relaxed. My second most favorite spots in the White's!

Heading back down this trail went good. A little slippery as this trail always is. We startled a moose or bear back down on the old logging road, as we heard a loud splash in the water a couple hundred ft. in the woods. We arrived back at the truck at 1:00pm. A nice short hike, but not for the weak! Rugged, steep, slippery and technical. The reward: QUITE, beautiful moss and lichen covered trails and sweeping views that make you feel like your way out in the wilderness.

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