Thursday, January 27, 2011

Coldrain Pond 1/22/11

"Cold" (pictures) With temps. forecasted to be in the single digits today we thought it best to stick with something small and close by. Scott hadn't used his snow shoes yet so something on the easy side would be a good warm up. We headed for Coldrain pond in New Durham. I discovered this spot this past fall. It is a Fish and Game controlled land and abutts NH Forest Society land. The parking lot was plowed at the entrance leaving space for 2 or 3 vehicles. We strapped on the snow shoes and made the easy half mile walk down the logging road and down a small path to the ponds edge.

Scott is not comfortable on the ice, even though this was completely snow covered. I told him it's good to do something that scares you once-in-a-while ... and with that I went running across it to the middle of the pond. To my surprise, after some hesitation, Scott came running behind me! I ventured to the far shore and took some pics, then we headed up the shore and through the woods until we connected with the trail again. The sun was shining through the trees making for some nice shadow pics. I love being in the woods! I look forward to joining the NH Forest Society this spring and perhaps this will be one of the properties I will be working in! So exciting! Snow shoes worked great! Comfortable and easy to use! It was very cold so we headed back, happy with this short excursion.

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