Monday, November 8, 2010

Mt. Major 11/2/10

"Playing Like Kids on Major" (pictures)

Difficulty: Moderate (steep and rough especially on ledges)

Directions: From Alton, NH take Rt. 11 West and follow it for about 6 miles. Trail head parking lot is on the left (blue sign)
Report: The original plan for Tuesday with my brother and his son Jonathan to hike Mt. Agamenticus in York, ME was shot down that morning when my brother told me that he would not have his son today. I was hoping to get JJ up on his second mountain but it would have to wait! My bro still wanted to hike so we decided he would come my way and we'd do Mt. Major. It was a beautiful day. A little cool but very nice. We made our way quickly up the Main trail passing several people along the way. We reached the ledges which had some ice here and there. A small break on the ledges, I sent a picture to my mom in Georgia who hiked this every day was missing it. Onward up the icy ledges we reached the summit 45 minutes from our start time. We spent more time up here than usual. Jeremy had not been up here in a long time and the vivibilty today was amazing. Mt. Washington as usual this time of year showing off a bright white over the Ossippee range.

After exploring the entire crown of the summit we made our way down, jumping rocks and playing around like we were kids again. I found the unmarked trail I used to take in the winter which connects from the Main trail level road area to the first ledge. Down we went running through the forest and leaf covered trail. I had to stop a few times to figure out which way the trail went, then off we went again. I was happy to make it back to the main trail knowing that my mind is still sharp enough to remember this obscure route I used to travel! Once down to the boulder section I decided to explore this area more in depth. I have never really got deep in the woods here and there is a huge expanse of boulder all along the trail. Again we jumped up, over, around, through and inside the boulders like we were kids again (and I was reminded the next morning that I was not, I was SORE!!). We finally made it back to the truck, all-in-all I think we were on the mountain 2.5 hours or so! Great afternoon and always enjoy having my Bro along with me :) (pictures)


  1. That's a cool panoramic shot. What body of water is that in the shot?

  2. Welcome to my blog!! The pano is Lake Winnipesaukee :)