Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Presque Isle State Park 5/29/10

"A Great Lake!" (pictures) http://www.dcnr.state.pa.us/stateparks/parks/presqueisle.aspx

Again, something I never got around to reporting on until now. This was a vacation in Pennsylvania. With plans to possibly re-visit this aea I figured I would get this up on my blog! I was very excited to visit this area and it did not dissapoint!

We made our way down the long road that follows the shore of the Pennynsula that reaches into Lake Erie. I had always wanted to see a Great Lake! The side of the road and grass was covered in white! It almost looked like snow! Turned out to be cotton trees, how awesome!

We parked in the empty parking lot, again having the park pretty much to ourselves as with Pymatuning! The trail we took was Gull Point which brings you to the gull nesting area.

Along the way we saw beautiful tall grass,


birds at the Gull Point Natural Area where there is a small viewing platform.

And beaches with beautiful, smooth, little stones along the shoreline.

Yet another perfect day! Beautiful weather and so quite! As we arrived back at the car there was a Massachusettes car parking next to us, "hey neighbors!" We continued down the road making a stop for a short walk to a lighthouse. I can't wait to return here and walk the extensive inland trail system!

Then it was off to the Tom Ridge Environmental Center at the entrance to the park.This contained exhibits, an eatery and gift store. And a wonderful tower view of the park.

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  1. Just another beautiful adventure of our natural beauty we call home. So serene looking and intriguing. I cant wait to share with you my upcoming marsh tour on the coast of Georgia in Savannah off Tybee Island. Nature is great!