Friday, April 15, 2011

Grey Hill Road 4/14/11

"Wandering Around in the Woods" (pictures)

I nice day we decided to get out for a small hike when Scott got home from work. We were gonna head to Stonehouse Pond then decided for Blue Job Mt. But I didn't really want to make the drive so instead I headed down Meaderboro Rd. to Oxbow Pond. There is a logging road just past the pond that I believe climbs the "Little Baldy" Knob of Blue Job. I parked at the end of the road at 3:30pm. We walked down past a property site for sale which is littered with junk. Carpet, TV's, tires and other stuff dumped there.

We got to Berry's river and had to walk up stream a little ways to find a crossing. The water was flowing good and was very pretty as it hurriedly cascaded over the rocks. We crossed and headed back down stream to re-join the road. Sections were overgrown and flooded but otherwise fairly easy to follow. We also noticed footprints and dog prints in the patches of snow, so somebody was out here. It continued following the marsh and pond from a distance until we decided to call it a day due to the time.

We headed back through the woods away from the road. Bushwhacking through open forest we found an old quarry site and Scott found a large woodpecker hole up in a pine tree. Soon we came back to the river right at the point we crossed. We walked upstream a little more before crossing and headeding back out for a quick dinner and off to work!

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  1. I'm interested in this location' I would love to go and hike it. I used to live on Ten Rod Road, so I know the general area. Send me an email at

    - Gareth