Friday, July 8, 2011

Phoebes Nable Mt. 7/7/11

"Just a Quicky" (pictures)

Just an afternoon hike. When Scott got home from work we headed for Moose Mountains. Funny, as much as I've been here it hasn't gotten old yet. There's always something new each time! We parked at the kiosk next to another truck. I left one of my new SPNHF cards on the window in case we didn't run into the person on the trails. As we headed up the now blazed trail/road that we completed July 4th and 5th we were encircled by dozens of deer fly's. As we passed the junction with North View Road we saw a lone hiker coming down the road. We introduced ourselves and turned out he was with the Moose Mountains Regional Greenways! We chatted a bit and answered questions he had about the property.

We continued on, spotting a butterfly which let me take a picture of it. We passed the aromatic field of wild strawberries, crossed it and headed up the trail to the summit of Phoebes Nable. I ate a couple of the sweet blueberries that were ripening all over. We explored around the summit checking out some ledges and partial views. Scott spotted a Hawk feather on the ground. A pretty cool find I think! The wing feather is 1.5 ft. long and is missing the tip.

Found another butterfly hovering around and got some pictures of it. After a break on the summit we headed back down. We passed two four wheelers coming up the trail. They said hello as they passed. They weren't abusing the property or anything like that so we didn't bother saying anything (as ATV use is technically not allowed on the property).

As we got back onto New Portsmouth Road we spotted a couple Wood Lily's! Awesome!! You don't see these beautiful lily's very often! In fact, of all the hiking I do in the lakes region and White Mountains I've only seen one on Sandwich Notch Road. So it was very exciting to see a handful of them here at Moose Mountains! The wild raspberries are also ripening and I tasted one of these as well, and it was yummy! We finished our hike clocking in at about 1.5 hours. There's always an animal or new flower to see here. Keeps things interesting!

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