Thursday, September 1, 2011

MMR Burrows Farm 8/30/11

"Cleaning Up From Irene" (pictures)

We did a quick walk of Moose Mountains Reservation's Burrows Farm trail Tuesday to see if there was any trail/road damage or trees to remove from Tropical Storm Irene. Power was out all the way through and there was extensive damage to the log home that sits just before the MMR Kiosk. A large tree landed in front of the house taking out the front porch and damaging the front face of the home. Yikes! We cleared some small branches from the start of the road/trail and continued driving up the road. We stopped now and then to clear small branches and such and moved on. We passed the North trail junction and up the hill where we found a large section of tree across the road. Scott began to clip the branches off of it as I tempted to axe the top section off. Once this was done we rolled it into the drainage ditch until it can be cut with a chainsaw and moved easier.

We parked at the river crossing and continued the "limb hunt" on foot. The road looked pretty good on this section. Some minor wash-out here-and-there. Just before the Moose Mountain trail junction a porcupine ran across the road 10 feet in front of us! It took us by surprise! He found the closest tree and climbed it, stopping every 10 feet to look at us as I snapped pictures as quick as I could! We continued on to the field and had to head back down to eat a quick dinner before heading off to work!

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