Tuesday, January 17, 2012

MMR Bowser Pond 1/16/12

"Dusted off the Snowshoe's" (pictures)

Monday not being as cold as the weekend was we did a small snowshoe walk up to Bowser Pond. January 16 and the snowshoes where still in the closet collecting dust! With a few inches of snow on the ground we could at least get a practice run in. We parked at the end of Bowser Pond trail a few hundred feet from the kiosk. We crossed the not-so-safe bridge and up the old logging road.

Sections where rocks jutted up were not very good for the snowshoes. But most of the walk was fine and it was so nice to get out for a walk and to visit Bowser Pond which we had not been to in a few months. The pond was frozen and the view across it to the collection of mountains was neat, being able to see what they look like without leaves blocking the ground. We then retraced our steps back and headed home.

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