Wednesday, June 6, 2012

2 Hikers fall off cliff at Stonehouse Pond

Two hikers fell off the cliff/ledge on Stonehouse Pond Tuesday 6/5/12. I am not sure which part of the ledge it was but either way it's a long drop! Fisher's on the pond helped rescuers reach the injured by escorting them across.  The Article:

Always be extremely careful on ledge and cliff sides! I have had a couple close encounters from being too close and too careless! Many have died from a simple slip or the ground giving-way beneath them. BE CAREFUL!
I have updated my list of "lost/injured hikers" in NH located in the right column. To view my trip reports and more pictures of Stonehouse Pond find the "Trip Reports: Southern NH/Seacoast" section in the right column and scroll down to Stonehouse Pond.

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