Monday, April 15, 2013

MMR 4/13/13

"MMR Tour for Forest Notes Article" (pictures)

We were very excited to be contacted by The Forest Society's Communications Manager about including Moose Mountains in the "Forest Notes" June issue. This is the Forest Society's magazine and this addition will be a recreation-oriented issue showcasing some of the Forest Society's properties with great hiking opportunities and the Stewards that manage the trails. We are so happy that Moose Mountains Reservation is being recognized as a great nature and hiking destination after our two years of trying to turn the Reservation around from a vandalism ridden, off-road truckin', non-marked trail ridden, little cared-for property into a family friendly, well kept, well marked and beautiful place this area is! The Land Steward Coordinator and Forester at SPNHF had faith in us to provide the love and attention it needed. And we really fell in love with this place and all it has to offer the community.

After post-poning our Friday date because of rain and snow, we met Brenda at the parking lot at 10am Saturday. She had brought her two boys along for the hike. After introductions we made the hike up to Beauty Ledge, answering questions along the way and talking about the tasks that were accomplished and ones that were still needed. The day was back-and-forth with weather. The sleet event we had Friday left a couple inches of frozen snow on the ground which was a little slippery but we managed fine.

At the ledge we took a nice long break. The three loved the view and loved the trail. It is so rewarding to see how much people enjoy this spot and makes the hard work of building the trail so much more worth it! After our stay we made a loop down Beauty Knob trail and then headed up to the Burrows Field. We pointed out the farm sites and called it a day. It was great to be out and always great to show this place to others and tell them about how wonderful a place t is. Keep an eye out for the "Forest Notes" and read all about Moose Mountains and the other properties the Forest Society makes accessible to hiking. Not a Forest Society member? It's easy and you can help with conserving our precious forests for recreation and sustainable forestry for future generations to enjoy and benefit from! Join NOW!

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