Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Hampshire Beautiful

"New Hampshire Beautiful" by Wallace Nutting 1923

For every fair turn of cliff, every wooded dell, every dimpled elbow of brook, every sparkling expanse, every green solitude, are set forth to catch human sympathy and appreciaition. They have waited what aeons of time for us to rejoice in their gorgeousness, and many of them are waiting yet, till a thinking, loving, watching person shall follow their curves and caress their surfaces with the eye of understanding. Nature has yet to be unveiled. Like a rural maiden whose perfections the world does not know, there are landscapes, bowers, dells, becks and burns, there are brows and bosoms of nobility and purity awaiting the awakening of men of spirit and of fire, who have in them poetry and taste, the knowledge of the beautiful and the passion to record what they so passionately see. There must yet be set forth to the world on grander canvases, canvases blending majesty with witchery, the wonderful in New Hampshire; there must yet come into expression nobler, subtler, more delicate utterances of the messages New Hampshire has latent and waiting when uttered for the world's approval.

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