Monday, February 1, 2010

A drive through the Notches

On 1/30/10 Scott & I had decided on a hike up Beaver Brook Trail on the North end of Mt. Moosilauke despite the forecast for below zero temperatures. We arrived at the parking lot about 10am as two cars exited. We got our gear on and were not sure just how long we could stand the cold. Two other cars were still in the lot (a solo hiker whose boot prints went up Beaver Brook Trail, and a couple getting their gear on) The trail was not broken in, but the snow was no more than 6" deep with some minor snow drifts here-and-there. Temps. were now reading .7* so I am assuming with the light wind temps. were below zero. We made several bridged and ice crossings before reaching the warning sign. Shortly after this the trail becomes quite steep. The brook was more frozen than I had hoped (actually completey frozen) so no icy cascades. We made some very steep ascents and not having anything more than stabalizers (which proved useless in these conditions) we quickly decided this was not a safe thing to be doing on this particular trail. Cold anyway not having enough winter gear (which we will be certain to stock up on for next winter) we headed back down reaching the parking lot an hour later. View pics of this hike here

Not wanting to waste the day and in no mood to freeze on another trail we tought it would be fun to be tourists for the day. One thing we never do (and I am sure this goes for most hikers) isstop at the tourist areas and take in the spectacular views that are right at base level. We made the classic loop through Franconia Notch, stopping at the Indian Head, Old Man viewing area, Artists Bluff and the old bridge near by. We then looped over to Crawford Notch stopping at the Cog Base, Mt. Washington Hotel, a spot near the popular ice climbing area on I believe Mt. Willey where 5 ice climbers were braving the elements, a stop at the Willey House Site where we ate our lunch and a stop in Conway. Turned out to be a relaxing day and it was nice to be a laid back tourist for the day...except for the trucks towing snow mobiles riding my bumper every time I pulled back onto the road. View pics of the notches here

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