Friday, January 14, 2011

Stonehouse Pond 1/13/11

"It's a Girl!" (pictures)

I had hoped to get out and do some snowshoeing today after all the fluffy white snow we got. I've yet to try out my first pair of snowshoes and I was getting antsy! I was feeling a bit lazy, but I kept looking out the window at all the snow and crisp blue sky and figured, awe heck, give in to the itch! So I threw my winter clothing and some snacks in my little pack, grabbed the shoes and threw them in my truck. Off I went to Stonehouse Pond in Barrington!

The Stonehouse pond road was not plowed out so I drove by and made a u-turn. There was no room on the side of the road and I wasn't sure what to do. Directly across the street there were two large areas plowed out at the end of someones driveway. I wondered if this was parking for those accessing the pond? I parked there anyway, who would take the time to plow that much space for a driveway, I thought.

I parked at 1:30pm and tied my boots and threw on the Tubbs. The road had seen two hikers already but was still very unbroken. I walked the half mile to the pond easily, passing the snow mobile trail. The pond was covered in snow, the ledges streaked with white. The sun hovered directly above the ledges making for some crappy pictures. The other hikers trails stopped here at the ponds edge. Breaking the trail would be up to me! I walked down the banking and below the small dam then made my way up around the corner to the rocky outlook across the pond to the ledges.

Then I made a slippery walk across the steep banking and down along side the pond. Now and then I would snag a rock nearly causing me to fall over. And the tree logs across the trail, which are a welcome challenge to climb over in the summer, were now a nuisance! I made it to the ledge and began the steep climb up. It was tough, especially towards the top where it gets very steep and you have to climb over another fallen tree, ugh! But I made it without a scratch, walking out on top of the ledge at 2pm. What a sight!

The sun was casting a wonderful tree line shadow on the lake and all was still and quite. Except for the occasional hum of ski mobiles going by down on the trail. And, "bling", a text message. Ah technology! It was my sister, "it's a girl!" What a message to get as I am relaxing on top of a ledge! Congrats Sis! I downed a coconut water and thought about which way to return. I could continue the loop around the lake, but that way is a little more difficult, overgrown in spots and somewhat hard to follow. So I just decided to return the way I came, and at least that way I could break the trail out some more.

I began the climb down the steep section, well, more like sliding and jogging. I was sure I would fall face first into the snowy slope. Luckily I stayed upright! I made a quick return around the lake, made a few more peaks at the pond and ledge and headed back down the road. I was happy to see my truck hadn't been towed! I finished at about 2:45. I had been so excited to hike this in the winter and it was very enjoyable and just enough a challenge for a week day!


  1. Fantastic! Love the deep purple shadows on the frozen landscape. This color is only possible when shadow meets white snow!!!

  2. Great snowshoe! I would love to get out and give it a try. Nearest snow deep enough for snowshoes is a good drive away! Oh well. Thanks for sharing!