Friday, March 4, 2011

Man blown off Katahdin's ridge, spends the night lost! (2/20/11)

YIKES! Not a mountain I would want to be blown off of or spend a cold night on! He is very lucky to have survived! I wonder if it was near or on the knife edge? The news REPORT

Mt. Katahdin is a very beautiful mountain range in Baxter State Park, ME. I have only been there once and I am so anxious to return. It is a very long day hike and the entry into the park is strickly limited and controlled. As annoying as this is, it makes for a very unique experience where overcrowding is completely mininmized!

Mt. Katahdin boasts of very narrow, steep, completely exposed ridges including the aptly named "knife edge". And a deep fischer that you must climb down and again using hand-holds then climbs to a spire called the "chimney". It is the Northern most point of the Appalachian Mountain Trail and the highest mountain in Maine.


  1. Oh My! I can sure understand that happening. Been there, done that. You have to just about crawl some areas just to get thru narrow parts of ledge. Its definitely an adrenalin booster.