Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy 2011 Earth Day!

Poem "The Mountains are Calling" 


Something is calling me as I toil through my day,
The Mountains, it is they that are calling,
They beckon my restless, dryed-up soul,
Come hither, do they plead, let us rouse you senses,
Enter our sprawling forests, listen for the song of birds,
Let oneself be drawn into the deep ravines full of enchanted life,
Climb the towering ridges and majestic windswept peaks,
Taste the moist air as eerie fog passes through you like a lost spirit,
Lay and rest upon the cold slabs of broken, scoured rock,
Bask in the warming sun as the breeze blows across your tingling skin,
Release all care and anxiety upwards to the endless sky of blue,
Now as you gaze out over the valleys and peaks to the horizon,
Understand the grandeur that surrounds you,
Acknowledge your small, remarkable existence,
Forget the past, worry not of the future, meditate on what is,
Here do you come to heal your sunken spirit and restless soul,
It is here, here in the mountains that you find peace and tranquility,
A land that inspires and humbles, is rugged yet beautiful, changing and unchanged,
It has sunken into my very soul, calling out as it were, anticipating my joyful return!

By Jason S. Morris

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