Monday, April 18, 2011

Mt. Blue Job 4/17/11

"Sunset" (pictures)

Difficulty: Easy - Moderate:
Fire Wardens trail on South and East side of the mountain is steep and wet with loose footing.
Loop trail which follows part of the access rd. is moderate but easy footing.
Gray Hill or Little Baldy Knob trail is easy with some easy rock scrambles.

Directions: From Rt. 11/N Main St. in Rochester, NH take Rt. 202A. Just past the "4 Corner Store" take your first right at a corner onto First Crown Point Rd. Follow it for approximately 5 miles. The parking lot is on the right (signed) just over the hill. 

Report: A forth hike to end the week. We had enough of work Sunday afternoon and I figured I would go back out later after the Apprentice to finish up. We wanted to get back out and enjoy the little bit of sunshine we were getting again. We changed into our hiking boots at home and headed for Blue Job. Scott hadn't been here in a while and it had been a couple months for me. We parked and headed up the loop trail counter clockwise. I figured it would be nice to hit the fire tower then head down to the knob after.

The trail was very wet as it usually is this time of year. The setting sun was shining it's orange glow on the red budding tree's making them look on fire. The breeze was blowing at the summit but it really wasn't all that cold. We hanged out here for a few before heading down to the Little Baldy Knob. I fell behind as I stopped to take pictures at the pond and of the other surroundings. I met back up with Scott at the Baldy summit. It was a beautiful evening. It began to cool down quick as the sun dropped to the horizon. We made our way out before dark, back on a wet trail. A lovely hike indeed! I've always wanted to do a sunset hike and plan to definitely do that again!


  1. Great pictures! I look forward to the trip report'

  2. Hello, Hike the Summits! I was curious if I could have permission to use the photo at the very top of this post. It would be for another blog used by my journalism class (I am a student, not the teacher). Very few will see the photo- and the few who do will know that it came from this website, if you allow me to use it. Thanks for your consideration!