Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ticks to be worse in NH this season!

Check-it or Tick-et!

Ticks...they quietly sneak up your leg and back. They crawl across your skin, climbing your clothing and finding their way to your head and digging in to make your scalp there family home! Gross huh!? These tiny, flat bodied creeps don't just give you the itchy, creepy crawly's but also cause Lyme disease. Lyme is a serious disease causing a host of brain/head disorders and muscle/joint problems.

Prevent it! Be SURE to check yourself during and after hiking or walking in the woods, grass areas or really whenever you step outside for any activity. A quick check by a friend is best but at the very least do a self visual check and feel around your back, neck and head for those areas you can't see. Something so simple and quick can help you prevent a tick bite. Bug spray is always important as well as long clothing. Be sure to visit the links in this post to inform yourself about ticks and the symptoms of Lyme. It is very important to identify Lyme sooner than later to begin treatment of the disease.



  1. Early detection is key! Best to check yourself at the very least before bed.

    If you've been bitten: Local extension services (we have one at UNH) provide insect analysis services that can give you more detail on a tick (type (deer or wood, age, sex, how long its been feeding, etc). That combined with a doctor visit if you've been bitten will help in deciding on action needed (antibiotic, etc.).


  2. Thanks for the info. "coop" :)