Friday, October 23, 2009

Poem "Winter upon the Peaks"

"Winter upon the Peaks"

Winter is falling upon the peaks,
Autumn is all but past,
The gusty winds howl and shreak,
Iceicles shatter like broken glass,

The trees above sway and creak,
As whispy clouds hurriendly pass,
The forest colors past their peak,
Browns and grays rudely clash,
An icy river a glistening sheet,
Water below still flowing fast,
Sunshine on frost a chilly treat,
Causing a glittery rainbow flash,
Here and there do animals peek,
Gathering food before winters blast,
All around the land looks bleak,
Snow covers the frozen grass,
Frigid air numbs nose and cheaks,
Stinging like the taskmasters lash,
The mountain top still I seek,
Trudging on ... their at last,
A barron land that still entreats,
Draped in winters linen sash.

By Jason S. Morris

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